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Sunday, October 07, 2012

numbers, shmumbers

Another one that has been on the back burner for a while: 

Noah: Mommy, Daddy was your first boyfriend, right?

{insert gobsmacked, snarky internal dialogue here, including "define boyfriend"}

“No”. It would have been too easy to have just said, “yes” and let it lie. Plus in truth, we were buzzing off to golf lessons and I was not wholly focused. I said “no”

Aidan: Who was your first boyfriend?

Me: His name is Torry.

Sam: Did you dump him?

{the first time, yes. Hold please. Dump him?! You are 10 y.o.}

Sam: Why did you dump him?


Me: I didn’t want to date him anymore

Aidan: Then Daddy, right?

{Again, “yes” is a prudent course.}

Me: No

Sam: Who was it?

Noah: How many boyfriends have you had?”

{electing to answer question #1}

Me: um

{nevermind. electing not to succumb to this byzantine chastisment!!!}

Sam: why did you dump THEM?

Me: I wanted to date other people.

Aidan: Why?
Noah: Who?
Sam: What do you do on a date?

{crap. have good conversation. say nice things about her. be kind. have wholesome fun.}

Me: Go to the movies.

Mercifully, Caz Park is 3 miles away and the conversation ended here. Buh bye boys!! 


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