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Thursday, May 03, 2012

while we are on the subject of competition

My grandmother is 83 and would be irate if she knew that was out there for all the web to read. She is capable, able minded, active and sharp. She picked up Phase 10 and played competitively with three other generations this weekend. She was crushed at the loss of my grandfather at 59 after 39 years of marriage. She will openly say that she thought her life was over. Since both of her parents lived past 80, she knew she likely had years left. She ultimately got her first job, a boyfriend and hobbies. She remarried and forged her next stage of life because she chose to live. She makes baskets, plays the organ in church, has a garden that would feed a small village and is just generally wonderful.  She does it all.

It truly felt like a confession when I told her this weekend that in my world, it just does not all get done and I thus I have a housekeeper. She perked up and dug down to the bottom of her "pile" and produced http://www.ocregister.com/articles/women-345023-cleaning-housework.html.

I should never underestimated this woman.


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