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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I adore four

I got some unique, treasured, seriously adorable and alone time with my nephew this weekend. He is four. Maybe I've mentioned it, but four is my favorite! I like to think that I've documented some of the hilarity.

Four year old kids are so creative, silly, engaging little people as they come of age taking things literally, while translating things functionally and acting whimsically. I adore four!!

So anyway, the man and I got a cookie, discussed the merits of raisins and talked about F words. Not "the" F word. F words, because that is what you do at 4. Your learn letters. What they sound like, look like, feel like on your tongue. So we ffffff-ed our way down the street. I ultimately said, "what is your favorite thing to eat"

M: fish
me: what kind of fish?
M: not the dead kind.
me: really? alive?
M: not the dead ones.
me: live ones? like goldfish?
M: yes.
me: really?!??!??! you eat the live goldfish like you get at the fair?
M: you can get goldfish at the fair?
me: sure. you eat them alive?
M: no. not really. the ones that have never been alive.
me: are you talking about goldfish crackers???
M: yes.

I adore four!


At 10:45 PM , Blogger mollymaureen said...

I truly needed that giggle tonight!


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