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Friday, September 16, 2011

just really really funny thoughts

Sam went to a friend's house after school, which was met by a chorus of boo's by the twins. "Why can't we have more playdates with friends??" So I had to explain that they have a buddy every where they go and Sam doesn't tote around a guy his age all the time.

We got home and they launched into a series of games and fantasy play in the backyard. They had some spinning game, something with Pokemon cards on the slide then there was a spontaneous obstacle course with an upturned soccer net. That required some significant grass stains all over the new school khakis. There were challenges that included moving sticks and dodging wiffle balls.

This game evolved mysteriously into the net as a giant monster mouth operated by one while the other threw a ball into the "mouth". If the ball went in, the thrower. in a curse of twisted logic, had to dive in to get it before the jaws snapped shut on him. If the net edges popped apart, the roles reversed.

They had each other in stitches. Yet, still I was a neglectful mommy for not delivering friends to them.

Later I got peppered with deep thoughts that started with:

A: Mommy, I know why girls don't take their shirts off.
Me: yea? why?
N: (gesturing with two pointer fingers to his chest) these!
Me: Yes, women keep their nipples covered (may I get a holla for crossing over the precipice of anatomically correct verbiage)
N: Why are the pimples (clearly he didn't pick up on the vocab lesson) private on girls but not boys.
Me: I don't have a good answer for that.
A: Do you need to think about it?
Me: No, it is just that way where we live. Not everyone around the world thinks that they are private.
A: Like in Africa?
Me: Well, yes and in France and Martha's Vineyard.
(they brightened up at this)
N: Did you do it when you were there?
Me: No.
A: Why not?
Me: I just didn't.
A: (almost instantly, in a very matter-of-fact tone) I would have.


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