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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Trials of Big Brotherness

Sam: "NO-AAAAHHHHHH don't pull your pants down (heard from the bathroom)"

I am fighting the instinct to tell Sam to stop parenting his brother, while they are sharing the toilet. But if I'm going to go correct behaviors, where do I start?! I take the eavesdropping approach.

Noah responds with something inaudible from my perch.

Sam (in an exasperated tone): "Nobody needs to see your whole butt. That's gross."

points for relevance

Sam (again, exasperated, but with a hint of "oh alright, SOMEbody has to tell you): "Noah, what do you know that hole in your underpants?"

Noah grunts something of acknowledgement.

Sam: "What do you think its for??"

Noah obviously does not get the right answer when Sam's tone softens to guide him through this transition to big boy-hood.

Sam: "What about your barn door?"

Now, I am on the cusp of needing resuscitation from holding back the laughter.

Sam (with the tone of "hold on to your hat...this is gonna be big"): You poke your penis out of the hole and **just** out of the barn door."

Sam lets Noah absorb this for a minute, and for his big finish adds:
"What do you think you do when you go to work?"


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