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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Our family is like so many others of the new millennium. To the letter of the law and following the traditional, write-it-in-the-front-of-the-family-bible family, we aren't all that big. Pretty average.

When you delve into the must-come list of attendees at family functions, the people we'll-make-time-to visit, and/or it-wouldn't-be fun-without people, we get rather obscene in size. We've got the steps and the half's and the might-as-well-be's. The never-was, should-have-been and where-did-they-come-froms.

It is dreadful to try to explain if someone really asks "so how are you related"? Besides I'm never really sure I owe those folks an answer always. I just want someone to walk away with the understanding that we just are.

The kids have grown up with lots of women they call Grandma. Grandmas Marcia, Mare, Julia, Patty -sorry Patty, but "Grandma" works for them and it is a high title :-), Rosie. Always with deference to ones that they call just "Grandma" (my mom) and "Grandma Wilks", who they don't get to know. Loads of aunts and uncles and "aunts" and "uncles". Cousins translates into we like them a whole lot and hopefully we'll see them at holidays.

One night Sammy at age 8 had a diatribe recently about who, how and why. We gaped at his articulate analysis and insight. To sum up, he knows where his blood lines are and are not, but he's real clear on who his family is. He, like us, has love for our family in all of the forms they come.

I treasure it all. So as this crew of love continues to expand, I have to share that it seemed like 2 weeks ago that we had these little fellows:

But that would be impossible, because here they are today:


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