Whoa Mama

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Call


Anyone who is purportedly happy that we are moving to Buffalo is cordially invited to help Scott unload the moving truck Sunday/Monday.

That is the entire point of the post. No jokes. No cute pictures. A simple plea for help. I promise you'll be rewarded with funny stories, cute pix and jokes later, some even in person.

So seriously, call Scott :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Christmas.

This is far from an ideal holiday season. Not exactly the time when we can teach life's lessons, like the true meaning of Christmas. We've been to church once. We've adopted no family. Sent in no presents to the collection at school. I don't even think I've tossed in any extra cans to the collection at the grocery store. This year they have learned about why we actually celebrate Christmas from Linus. We have been just crazed.
So Noah came home from school with this picture.

I asked him if that was a present next to the Christmas tree. He said, "no Mommy, that is baby Jesus. See him in his bed in the manager. The tree is for Baby Jesus' birthday because he was born on Christmas."

I guess we aren't on the fast chute to hell just yet.

Monday, December 01, 2008

On the road again again

It is no secret. We are packing up the crew and moving...again. If this is news to you and you care, accept apologies. This is not the forum by which we want to tell anyone. If this is news to you and you care, take a moment. See if you can find Noah hiding behind a lamp post in this picture.

This isn't meant to be a post about all the challenges and emotions about moving, BUT I do have some adorable pictures from Mystic River Park, where Santa arrived this weekend.

The squishy stuff will come later. The point here is that we are moving. We are packing the house, cleaning corners, purging crap, tightening screws, sprucing up 2 years of wear and tear. I really have no intention of painting or doing anything terribly drastic. Packing and moving a family of five is drastic enough.

My sweet boys were resting one afternoon during our weekend of snuggly, family goodness. I was still not quite ready to dive into packing. I turned on The Princess Bride for the first time in years. Well into the movie, I heard the water running upstairs. And running. And running. I called up to see what was happening. Noah replied that he was just washing his face because while he was resting something red just appeared on his face.


Word to the wise, always know where your markers are.


And what, you ask, have this to do with moving? He took the same marker to his entire wall......