Whoa Mama

Monday, September 25, 2006

Literary Appreciation

Aidan and Noah may have finally stopped ripping up books. We've gone through all sorts of discipline, finally taking all the books away, spirited away behind closed doors and doled them out like coveted treats. I have to put the books on top of the armoire when I leave their room at naptime. They developed a habit of tearing to ribbons any book in their presence when behind closed doors. This is not the sort of academic stimiulation we've been hoping to instill in our children.

Well, I think we're on the cusp of success. It may be our superior parenting techniques have taken hold, it may be that Sammy has started to read to them or perhaps it's
their newly developed crushes on Frances and Madeline:

1. Several times recently, the boys have been reading to each other or to themselves. Then actually closing the book peacefully when they are through.

2. Today, I left Sam's new Curious George book in their room at naptime (doh! I suck) But when they woke up, they settled themselves in with George and happily read until I came in!

3. My most favorite moment this week was, not only because I think they are actually enjoying their books again, but also because it was really stinkin' funny. I finished reading, "If You Give a Pig a Pancake", Noah leaned back, tucked his hands behind is head and sighed, "Love dat toy-ree"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It is September 20 and we are not even through our full second week of school. Sammy is coming home from school early because of his cough. Poor little man. I hope this isn't an indicator of what the winter holds in store!

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Good with the Bad

I posted an ad that dropped today in the ArtVoice. I am hoping for an explosion, but I'd be tickled with a small pop. My first call was from a weasel-y voiced man offering his exotic dancing services. How about it ladies??

Today, I found Noah stirring the toilet with my hairbrush. Then, not an hour later, we were getting ready for nap, Noah jumped up and ran to the bathroom, calling over his shoulder, "pee". AND HE DID!!

Now if only a few real prospect call, it'll be a really great day!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Skinner Boys

Big boy beds haven’t exactly been a success. At night we read a few stories, sing a full concert, with intermission, hug, kiss, pray, hypnotize, lock them in and wait. Inevitably there is a full second act of re-dressing, re-diapering, cuddling (read as: holding them in bed), threats, usually ending with one or the other or both of us surrendering and letting them duke it out or cry it out until sweet, blessed sleep overcomes them. Afternoons are pretty similar except I lay with them until they both fall entirely, deeply asleep.

This has been aging on us both and hasn’t done a thing for healthy bedtime routines.

Well, I have a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. I don’t need the Supernanny or Dr. Phil. I can train my children!

Two nights ago, we shortened the bedtime dance and they asked for back rubs. I told them I would rub backs when I came back if they were lying in bed. I closed the door and the party started. I went in and told them I was sorry that I couldn’t rub backs or sing songs because they weren’t on their bed.

30 seconds – full on party

I gave them a warning and they asked for back rubs and songs. “Only when you are lying nicely”, I tell them.

This went on and on and on, with times between re-entering the room going from 30 seconds to a minute to 2 minutes and so on. In the end, I’m not certain that I didn’t just outlast them.

Now this has gone on for over a week and we are down to 30-45 minutes of bedtime! We certainly aren’t perfect, but it is so getting better!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sammy's been a ba boy

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. He's a great ki . He's been a really tough ki . He ha his first week of school love it. But that has not stoppe this acting out behavior that has plague me all summer. He pushes every limit. Then he is an angelic, arling angel. Satur ay afternoon, he got to play Noggin.com for about an hour while a y watche football. Scott gave him 2 hea 's up that his time was almost up. Sam seeme to hear an accept this. Until the moment that Scott took the computer away an Sam slamme own on all the keys as quickly as he coul an poppe the letter D off the keyboar .

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where do babies come from?

Sam: Mommy, were we all in your belly together?

Me: No. First it was you. Then Aidan and Noah were in my belly together.

Sam: Baby Maeve was in Lisa's belly.

Me: Yep.

Sam: Was she in Mikey's belly?

Me: No.

Sam: Why not?

Me: Only girl's have babies in their bellies.

and now I've done it. Here it comes! But no

Sam, Aidan, Noah: weird little boy goofiness about who's got whom in their belly

Me in my head: whew. dodged the bullet, until

Sam: Mommy, will you have more babies in your belly

Me: No.

Sam: Why not.

Me: Just because.

And once again I dodge the bullet with grateful distraction on construction vehicles. If you ever got or gave a really good explation to the mother of all parenting questions, please forward it. I figure I've got a few days left before he drops it!