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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Off to Can-yay-fo-nia

We had a yucky night last night. The twins were up and down with stomach cramps. They seem not too worse for wear this a.m. A little sleepy. They stayed home from school and have been productive after about 2 hours of tv coma. We've had several rousing games of Crazy 8's and then they posed for some pix, that they laid out themselves and then called out "take our picture". Try saying no to this:

A little bit later, they asked if I'd get down something from the closet for their trip to Can-yay-fo-nia (California) to play with Owen. I evidently get it for them fast enough.

So I'm seriously thinking about getting a job so they could go to school full time next year. In the meantime, Brian & Dean, I do try to keep an eye on them, but sometimes they put their head's together and get a jump on me. They are on the train now. Aidan is manually turning his own head to the camera.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is pre-chocolate. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 17, 2008

BufBloPoFo - catching up without the pressure

Going back to Day 11:
I, Leah Eagan-Stoddard, do long division while running, love Def Leppard & Blues Traveler, have a true love of skin care products and could wash my face and re-apply products many many times a day, H-A-T-E repetitive ticking noises (read as: most of the time spent in a day by my children), love driving, am not as good of a gardener as some would believe, and love taking surveys. When I was little, I begged my mom to let me fill out the census.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

By the way, that is a size five, long-sleeved shirt he's got on underneath. And, yes, I surrendered after a drought and accept the dubious BufBloPOorFOrm award. I actually had posts and lost days last week and thought it wouldn't look good to slip in at the end.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

la la la la la bamba

Remember in the late 80s when La Bamba came out and solidified the careers of Lou Diamond Phillips and Los Lobos? Everyone with a radio thought that not only did they know Spanish, but that they could sing along with Ritchie Valens. I confess. With my rooster bangs and acid washed jeans, I was singing right along. Not one of my more proud moments. Then again, that applies to most of the late 80's, especially pertaining to fashion.

Fast forward 2 decades to witness two nearly-four year olds singing the theme song to Diego the Animal Rescuer. For those of you who haven't heard the ditty, it begins with Alicia, Diego's sister gently singing the animals awake. Enter the dulcet tones of Aidan and Noah cooing, "Buenos Dioas" [can't spell it - I'm a francophone]. Noah actually tilts his head up to the heavens with a little head shake for emphasis.

Then, the tempo changes into Diego's introduction, sung in Spanish by a crowd of adoring children. Aidan & Noah scream at the top of their lungs, in something that I believe to be "Hello and Good Morning". Really, it could mean "hello little animals, eat the young of all beings on two feet". My brainwashed children string together their version of Diego's theme with gleeful and enthusiasm and shear ignorance.

Just wait until Mr. Kent gets ahold of 'em!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And Cape Cod has a beach too.

Gina and I went shopping during the holiday season. One stop was to Yankee Candle. Predictably all the holiday help was out in force, newly trained and upselling their jingle bell-wearing, cinnamon-smelling, ambiance-creating asses off. Yes, I have a basket. No, I don't need a wick trimmer. Yes, I am aware of the specials but don't have anyone on my list who will require a 2 litre of Evergreen Mistletoe Sugar Cookie with the optional 28" remote lighter.

We finally settle on our choices and make it over to the counter. And this is the conversation that transpired:

No, I don't need a wick trimmer.
Salesperson: Have you seen the lovely jar toppers. Your candle burns more evenly and without the black residue. (and shows me the average Yankee Candle with blackened insides and I'm thinking at least show me a competitor's lead-spewing candle)
Me: No, I'm all set.
Yes, I am aware of the specials. I'm all set with what I have.
SP: (while taking my information) 860 that isn't around here.
Me: No, it's in Connecticut.
SP: OOoooo. I love it out there. Me and my husband tried to go to Connecticut this summer. But it didn't work out.
Me: Where were you planning to go?
SP: Providence.
Me: (stunned into silence)....oh. It's nice there. I live in Mystic. (thinking it might ring a bell. with the Aquarium, Seaport, hell even Pizza!)
SP: Oh. I love that New England. Expecially Maine. I just love the lighthouse.

Again. Silence. Yes, "lighthouse" was singular and she did say eXpecially.

Stay in school, kids.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yay, spring in on the way. Crocuses popped up in our yard. The boys shed winter coats for lighter ones and came in coated with mud yesterday.

After a week of customer service lows, soaked out of my time and money, insulted and finally marginalized to tears, I got some vindication with a free car wash and money return from not one, but two sources.

thumbs down to M&T Bank (sorry Mom & Gina).
thumbs up to Liberty Bank, American Express and Delta Sonic.

Let's just hope things continue to go well with a big drop at Weight Watchers. Sorry I have no cute pix of kids in light jackets and bright beautiful crocuses, the camera seems to be on the blink :-(


Monday, March 03, 2008

There's no period in team

Boys, let me just say, you should stop reading now. I'm not joking. Mikey, I'm posting for the day, but without question this is not about the greatest gift I've ever received.

Men, this post is NOT going to be about cute things like baby puke. I refer you to the title.

Playtex has come out with a "Sport" line of tampons. They were on sale and came in a multi pack, so I tried them.

Oddly, each one comes wrapped in a package that includes several motivational? statements. They come in a series of themes. There are the predictable, FranklinCovey-esque blurbs, like
"Keep doing what you do best." "Mental attitude affects performance".

Some are sportsy messages like "No distractions...just pure concentration."

Predictably there's a smattering of Spice Girls "Girl Powa" with "You're a take charge kind of girl." and the ever popular "You go, girl!"

Then I came upon the curious: "Go play. We've got your back"

But (and remember the method of delivery) here's the one that truly boggles the mind: "Go team"


Sunday, March 02, 2008

And then he finally fell asleep

Some nights, bedtime is a greater relief than others. Now this is a concert weekend, which means that Scott is at the mercy of Mr. Kent's schedule. The results are truly phenomenal, but we do miss him and I try to keep things easy during these four days. And as you might assume, these are certainly the evenings when bedtime is usually a welcomed, let's just say, change of pace. Anyway Thursday night, I get Aidan & Noah tucked in and quiet and head in to Sam.

Sam begins to tell me about a concert they had a school today. He tells me about the instruments and says he especially likes the saxophone and the loud parts. He told me more about the concert then tells me that he might like to play the saxophone or violin. I told him we know people who play the saxophone like his cousin, Callum, Pop Wilks and Chris Viney. "Oh Mommy! (by the way, anything that starts this way is usually pretty entertaining) I have a friend named Chris in my class. His whole name is Christopher (last name), but we call him Chris and he wasn't born like me. He uses a wheel chair to get around." He continues to talk about Chris and things he does that are similar and dissimilar to him. We talk about being kind to all people and that we cannot know anyone by how they look. Sam adds, "like that man in front of us in the restaurant today." I have no idea what he's talking about. He reminds me that there was a man in Panera who had "angry eyes, grey hair and long eyebrows" and used a wheel chair. "He made me think about my friend Chris because Chris is mad sometimes too." I press on, "what do you think about that?" "I'm really glad I can use both of my legs."

I kept going with this one. He was really chatty and obviously thinking hard. Scott & I have been working with him to participate and understand church more. I use the opening to tell Sam that when we pray at church that we can talk to God about things we are grateful for. Sam says, "like using both legs and not having to use wheel chairs or stilts to get around. Oh Mommy! We have to say our prayers."

We get through to Amen and our God Blesses. Then he laughs and says, "Mommy! We sure talked about lots of things tonight!"

And then he slept. And I was grateful.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

BufBloPoFo - #1

Because Mikey asked and I am an occasional blogger, here goes:
I blog now because my family is 500 miles away and I am a crappy keeper-in-toucher (just ask any friends who live outside my timezone - hi Molly & Dena!). This was I can share pictures, wacky kid stories and generally have an outlet when I feel a little out of place and homesick.

My URL is "Triple Threat of Toddlers" and is the blog formerly known as "Three Under Three Feet". That is due to my darling brood, who if you've read my blog ever, you've met. I had to rename when Sammy had growth spurt. In addition to renaming my blog, I had to start watching where my hands were as I inadvertently started whacking him in the head.

That's my blog in a nutshell. Plus I like the template because it's best of the choices quickly available. I'm pretty low tech and don't put much time into my blog mechanics unlike some people I know, and some other people I know very well. I don't even know how to post videos. So y'all get lots of pix. Plus, I'd really like the fancy logo. Mikey, little help?

Shout out to the other PoFo's!!!