Whoa Mama

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Math

When Sammy counts down to anything, he doesn't count the day we are on or the day of the event. It throws off the casual acquaintance, but those of us who know him are used to it.

I really appreciate Sammy's countdown today since we have no days left until Scott comes home. Even though he flies in tomorrow night at midnight, by Sammy-count, we are already there.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Spam names crack me up. Like I'm going to open a message from "Jocko Cobb".

It *was* just Christmas

We were talking about getting ready for our move and who the featured players will be. We named Pop, Granny, Grampa, Callum (spotlighted for his especially cool toys), Lana, Kay, Paul. Getting into the rest of the family, I cued Noah with "Uncle Thom, Aunt Meg and Baby...." From the back of the house, Aidan called, "JESUS!"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trying to get it all done

Getting it all done.
Mountains of boxes.
Some full. Some empty.
Clothes to fold. Clothes to wash.
Two GNOs left before we leave.
Brakes to be fixed.
Weekend away.
27 meals to feed before moving. Most of them without the convenience of pots & pans.
Dentist appointment for Aidan.
Potty training to maintain.
GNOs to book.

All the while, trying to be the very best mommy I can be, loving and playing and reading and hanging out with the boys.

Thank goodness for the coffee pot!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ode to Sirius

How I love my Sirius!!! If you do not have it, get it! My best friend has been freaking out about it for the better part of a year. You have to understand, Colleen is truly passionate about very few things, her son, her husband, Survivor, the Sabres, Dave Andrychuk (that's going back a few years), and her Sirius Satellilte radio. Without slighting her the love, I never quite got it. Until last week!

You can choose the music you want to hear. There are hundreds of stations! You can choose the artists you love to come up on your "Artist Alert". Mine includes Traffic, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Janet Jackson, Jack Johnson (for the kids), Indigo Girls, Seals & Crofts. Then you usually get the great stuff that you might not ever hear unless you own the CD (Sting: Consider Me Gone, Tracy Chapman: Crossroads). I just love love love it!! I haven't even gotten to feed my news junkieness with the 12 news channels or the root of fabulousness MARTHA STEWART and E!

I have one question:

How is it that I can have Satellite radio but not talk on my phone in my car???????

A few suggestions for improvement on the next iteration:

1. Last station button - Like on your TV remote, I'd like to jump back to the previous station.
2. Ability to program in favorite bands - right now, you have to wait to hear someone you like then capture it in the memory. I'd like to be able to choose the music I want to hear. Namely, Blues Traveler & Alana Davis. I grabbed a random artist instead of Tracy Chapman. I gave him a listen for a few days. No love. The next TC song I heard replaced him on my Artist Alerts
3. Scrolling band/song info a la pop up video - this is just plain ol' dangerous, but like a true addict I'm seeking the next high!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What The Family Is Made Of

CAUTION: Very gross, toddler potty humor to follow

Noah was taking care of business today on the potty. He solidly grunted, looked in the potty and said, "Dat the daddy"


A minute later, I asked, "are you finished?"
He looked in the potty and said, "yes, whole family dare."
This time I said outloud, "what?"
He said, "du whole family dare. Daddy, Mommy and zey babies. All done."

Friday, January 05, 2007

Guardians Of The World We Share

On this, an unbirthday many of us share, I'd like to share this birthday letter that I channel through an awe-inspiring woman, to whom I have previously paid homage.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nothing to worry about

An unprovoked conversation heard at breakfast:
Sam: ...Mommy always comes back for you. She won't be there all day. She's going to leave. But don't worry, you'll have 2 teachers and lots and lots of friends. When you are ready to, you can laugh and laugh and laugh and play with all of your friends all day. You'll like school, Noah.

Interesting side notes: This was directed toward Noah, not Aidan. It was also entirely without any preceding conversation about school, Noah's, Sam's or Aidan's. Noah listened with rapt attention. And responded with "OK Sammy"

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Who's been a good boy?

Here's a game: Spot the difference in these to pix. My sweet, tired, over-worked, flu-beaten husband didn't.

His reaction, when he actually saw the fruits of Lisa, Mikey & John's labor was perfect! (M & J hoisted it over the railing, after Mikey & LIsa deftly hid the beast in plain sight for 10 days) Scott gasped, threw a hand to the mouth and was totally speechless.

Moving right along to the goods.

Let the pix speak for themselves.

Happy New Year!!

Xmas - 1st installment

Off to see Santa. He's not going to guess what we want!

Seriously? THIS is going to get me the goods?!

How's this? Can I have the Leappad now?
Don't worry, Sammy, we've got your back.
No need to sit on Hairy Scary's lap.

Oh! It's our friend, Bella!

Stay tuned for more details and pix!