Whoa Mama

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Cocktail party or mosh pit

Part of what I do at my paid job is organize a scholarship fundraiser. It's a swanky do with big corporate donors whose companies generously give big sponsorships and even an occasional Mr./Ms. Big signing personal checks. Everybody gets a rubber chicken dinner and we try to show them a good time. This year, the venue's overlooks Buffalo's gorgeous waterfront on a Thursday where there is also a huge free concert series. So I'm thinking 'cool! free music on the patio'. Then it occurred to me that one of the awesome things about this concert series is that over the course of the season there is something in every music genre. You get an 'up and comer', a musical equivalent of B-list actor and sometimes you get a 'once was'. With this in mind, I started hoping for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy or Peter Frampton to appeal to the fun side of my event-sponsoring suits. Lance Diamond, may he be playing the perfect set opening for Prince, would have been ideal. I started to think that things could get dicey if the band was really loud. Jackdaw, for example, might be a mood-breaker. Or with the popularity of the movie and HOF induction, an N.W.A cover band wouldn't like meld with Bobby Militello playing inside. Twisted Sister opening for Quiet Riot....oh this doesn't seem like a good idea anymore. Now I'm praying for rain.

The day arrived yesterday. The concert lineup was announced. We have Charles Bradley, an 'R&B/soul/funk singer songwriter'. YES!!

To prove that God loves Medaille and wants lots of kids to benefit from scholarships, our event is not on June 23.