Whoa Mama

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...

Nearly four months after leaving my job, moving our family, and re-assembling ourselves, I HAVE A JOB!!!!!

I have networked, applied, written letters, sent letters, re-vamped my resume, interviewed, interviewed again, taken temp work, submitted more resumes, left temp work, networked more. I am like many of you and much of America. Following all the advice that Monster has to give, looking every day, applying for positions that range in appropriateness of fit, grateful for the love, support, encouragement of family and friends. We all try to get creative, stay positive, stem frustration, fear, anxiety, while pursuing the equation that will turn over results. To my friends in this pursuit, stay strong!

My husband is my biggest fan and tireless cheerleader!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Scott! Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on, open ear, hand to hold and teaching our sweet boys how to be a good man and friend.

Facebook has been a really great, and unexpected, source of support. Thank you to friends near and far whose kind and positive and funny comments have been a real gift.

The biggest thank you goes out to Joy! Joy taught a fitness class that I attend for several years. We got back in touch on Facebook and have been able to reconnect, get the kids together and even find some adult time to run. Joy casually connected me with an opportunity. And Holy Smoke…that opportunity was successful!!!

I will be the Marketing Manager for an architecture firm. I was offered a part time position doing work that I have experience in and frankly, I’m quite good at. I am thrilled. A part time position that allows me on most days to pick the kids up from school is ideal. There is even potential that this will open up to a full time position. That probably wouldn’t happen before all three monkeys are in one school and same schedule (September). I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it. In any case


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Embracing our gaelic heritage

Sometimes as an attention-getting measure, I will call the boys Seamus, Angus and Fergus. It makes them stop what they are doing certainly because they have no idea who I am talking to. I typically save it to diffuse particularly volatile situations or to force levity on myself when I feel that I want to sell them.

Tonight I pulled it out just gave the dinner time clock.

Me: Seamus, Angus, Fergus. 15 minutes til dinner. (tapping Noah on the head) Fergus, in 10 minutes, you need to pick up your Tinker Toys.
Sam: Which one am I?
Me: Fergus.
Aidan (grinning from ear to ear): And that makes me Anus.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Little Morning Snapshot

These were just a few of the nuggets shot out from the cheap seats on the way to school:

Who is Gramma's Gramma? (my Great Gramma)
When can we live in Canada? (never)
Can I have chocolate chip cupcakes for my birthday? (yes)
How old are you? (36)
How old is Daddy? (36)
Where is you Mommy's Magic Bag? (it's secret)
How do the things get in your Magic Bag? (magic)
The grass is Irish! It is green.
Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? (yes) If Vena isn't here today than Vivianna is the Special Helper today.
Mrs. Donnelly lets me put my feet on her lap when she ties my shoes. (You can put your shoes on me. You just can't put your dirty shoes on me before church)
Who lives downstairs from us? (His name is John)
Who is his wife? (he doesn't have one)
Well then where are his kids? (he doesn't have any) - this bought some confused silence.
Where does he work? (on his computer)
Why is the girl who keeps the children safe not at the corner? (The crossing guard is gone because all the children are at school already.)

And after this funny little chatter, so were we.