Whoa Mama

Thursday, May 23, 2013

When you want to go Erica, go Vicki. Tina is never an option.

"Noah fell off the monkey bars. Can you come pick him up?"
"Mommy, my belly doesn't feel good."
"We're going to take him for a CT Scan"
"Noah, you could give lessons on being a good patient to some adults we see."
"Mom. We have an issue."
"No, buddy, sorry. We can't turn on the sirens"
"You'll meet with the neurosurgeon"
"He'll be admitted."
"Mommy, I wish this never happened."
"We'll need another CT Scan."
"Of course you can have bread stick with breakfast."
"I wish I didn't have this IV"
"I know Noah will be ok, Mommy, because you said so."
"Can we step out?"


"Will there be restrictions?"
"I'm 90% sure"
"Mommy, one of my children got carried off by an eagle."
"He'll be in good hands"
"The test was negative."
"Mommy, the list of things I'm happy about is about 50 feet long"
"No running, jumping, swimming, diving, recess, gym class for 2 weeks."
"It's all good news."

Amen. Alleluia. Good night.