Whoa Mama

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dear Violet

Dear Violet, I know you are working on things like breathing, which is night and day and visual acuity, but in the big picture here is one of the top ten things you'll need to know in life: how a real girl wields a super soaker.

Congratulations to all the Carters on their new addition. In their honor and in celebration of summer, I share with you our day christening the *nine* squirt guns we got for our birthdays.

And one when we're all done with being wet

Thursday, May 22, 2008

As Promised

Remember how I promised to post again and this time with pictures. Well, here goes.
This Noah wearing Gina's crown, after he asked her if she wore it to work.

Aidan just said, "it's the whole of us at our old zoo "

yes, they are tussling over a girl already

waiting for the train. gleefully.

then an effing bee stung sammy.

a few days later we enjoyed a 90 degree day at chez garvey, pond dipping, seed planting, swinging, cousin-loving, and just generally having a perfect day

This sweet baby said, "Look Daddy." He, my brother, among the greatest daddies I know, said, "taste it, Julia"

BGFFs (best gramma friends foreva!)

Did I mention it was HOT HOT HOT!!!


Just when you think they are all grown up, your almost 6-year old still delights gleefully in swinging.

Maeve is precious every day, but was super, extra, uber adorable this day.

Sammy & Miles are sharing a moment of mutual adoration in song.

Not to be outdone, Noah is assuring Miles that he is "soooooooo big".

But not as big as Miles's daddy.

More cuteness.

Yes, even more cute.

Fast forward a bit and YES, we got out clean and shiny for my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

Guess what Aidan & Noah got for their birthday?

And that's all the pix for now and this may have caught me up on way way way overdue posts. ENJOY...if you are still out there.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Where the hell have I been

So I had a wonderful trip home to Buffalo. I even have terrific pictures...which I haven't posted. And, let's face it, maybe I never will. But here's hoping.

Then, we had birthdays times 4. Scott & I got dressed nice and shiny . I have a picture to prove it. Which I might post....someday.

Aidan, Sam and Noah had birthdays and a party. We had friends and cousins and pirate paraphernalia. We were scarfed, tattooed, played games and generally made merry. I have pictures. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have been busting my butt to plan a golf outing. My first. At the schmancy, Misquamicut Club. I am exhausted. It was a success and I have pictures. AND HERE THEY ARE!!!!

This is what my darlings while I was last-minute prepping:

This is where I had to spend the day. It was rough.

This is the money shot of the course. It overlooks salt marshes and the Atlantic Ocean beyond that. The guy in the brown won a trip to Ireland. Did I mention we had great prizes?!

So that is my lag since BufBloPoFo in a nutshell. Summer's almost here. Maybe you'll see some fun from the spring before then.