Whoa Mama

Monday, April 30, 2007

Things are not always what they seem.

So after we got all the kids to church and the twins managed to get out dry. It was off to the Pawcatuck Little League Opening Day. By the way, I can't believe Scott hasn't posted any of the 500 pictures I took that day. It was fun. There were easily 7000 kids marching in their baseball uniforms behind the color guard. I'll let Scott fill in the rest after I scoop the money shoot.

Before the festivities, Sammy was feeling a little clingy and maybe a bit protective over his brothers in the face of the huge crowd. Maybe he was just extra holy.

Some nasty, smart assed pre-teens were snickering and staring. I thought, "what nasty little shits!! laughing at my sons loving each other!!" Until I realized that what they were snickering at was Noah pulling up his shirt to drop his drawer and pee! If you look closely, you can see Noah just to Scott's left...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gaiam Shmaiam

I know there is no magic bullet, miracle pill or quick fix to fitness. I get that! I know it is what you take in and how much you burn off. I also get that my biggest issue in this department is what I eat BUT I also exercise pretty faithfully. Yes, I have fads that come and go. I still love Tai Bo. I own and use a mini-trampoline. I run. I walk with the kids. I jump rope on my back patio. I do Pilates when the kids are watching t.v. I try to mix it up so as not to get bored and stop. So today, inspired by an awesome workout at the spa, I bought a new video. It was a Balance Ball workout. I own a Balance Ball. It has sat, deflated, in the bottom of my front hall closet on Brantford Place for quite some time. I have kicked it out of the way, piled shoes on it and wondered if I'd every use it again. The fact remains I have known where this stupid thing was... UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!! Today, when I am fired up and suited up, complete with the ever-inspiring new video, I cannot find it! I went so far as to try the workout on the boys' bouncy ball. Obviously that didn't exactly work.

So I am appealing to the Fairy of Organization (I don't think this requires the attention of St. Anthony).
Puh-leeease, for the sake of my
ass heart health,
let this damned ball fall out of whatever haphazard
home it is currently occupying.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buffalo in a Nutshell

The Week in Review:

18 hours of driving (both ways)

3 kids
7 movies
3 of Grandma's muffins (one for each cheek, plus one for good measure)
1 yummy night of family and pasta
1 knee-weakening brunch...with loads of friends and family
1, only 1, walk around the park
7 good intentions to exercise everyday
1 dinner with our fairy god-grandmother and husband, who does great story voices
2 days off with GINA!!
6 fabulous women at our team meeting
10 hours taking advantage of Pop, which cost him:
6 bucks...one for each pocket
11 of the best women I know around one table with...
0 kids!!!!!!!
3 hours at the zoo with more of our favorite peeps, not Peeps
3 hours with best friend and baby in utero
1 hour with best friend and baby ex utero!! (Welcome, WILL!!!!)
4 glasses of wine with Julie
10 glorious Buffalo Wings (not pathetic Dominos knock-offs)
4 Bagel Jays bagels
6 hours of of Lulu cuddling

And not enough of any of it!
love to all!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have so much to say. After a week at home!! I'll start that tonight when Scott goes to work for a crazy 10 hour overnight shift.

In the meantime, I, as the rest of the nation, am saddened by the events at Virginia Tech. I will not however go into a social commentary or use it as a political forum. I will only state my rabid outrage that Robin Meade, her producers, and CNN could not spare the one minute of silence that the VT campus gave to honor its vicitims. While the video played of individual balloons being released and bell tolls sounding, Robin Meade actually talked over the coverage! I understand that she broadcasts on "Headline News" that is to say, "News for Those Who Can't Be Bothered" (I was listening on Sirius) but CNN couldn't choke back one single minute of coverage?!?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Trailer Tooth

Remember when you got lost your first tooth? Usually this happens in the 6 year old range. It is followed by the huge gap causing you to be a lisping kindergartener. Then you get this enormous bumpy mass that eventually your face grows into. But for a little while it is terribly awkward.

Well my bumpy mass was knocked out in an alleged playground "accident", when John hit me with a baseball bat. I ran screaming like my hair was on fire, with blood streaming down my face around the block from Reed Street playground. My mom was so mad that she sent John back to find the tooth parts. Thankfully we got to the dentist that night and had them capped before bed. Overnight my bumpy mass turned into a gleaming, smooth, new tooth! Over the years, this event has come back to haunt me. Inevitably the cap falls off or cracks leaving me with a gaping hole aka the trailer tooth in the front of my mouth. This has historically happened at very convenient times, like while I was in France for 5 months. It is never not awkward.

Guess what just happened?

She's not smiling because she has no teeth!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter & Artists

Sometimes I think that the boys haven't changed that much recently. Here is last Easter, in falling down pants.

Here is this Easter, in high waters.
footnote: I've known where all three of those god-forsaken ties have been for the past 362 days, including for the 65 wedding anniversary party. You'll notice one is missing, grrrrr.

We have artists in the family. I am not one of them, but I carry the gene. I've produced one or two respectable paint-your-own pottery items, which is weird since I'm usually drinking wine there. My aunt also does breath-taking scrimshaw. My mom drew adorable pix of John & I when we were little. Obviously, John can draw. My grandfather did this among other astounding pieces of art work with nothing but an Exacto knife and some ink:
Sam did this. Now look closely. On the bottom part of the toy is the book that instructs you, in theory, on how to draw the object. In this case it is Luigi, the forklift from Cars. Seriously, he's not even five and that magnet pen is not constructed for precision.

Happy Easter, a repeat pic, but worth it! Miss you!!! Esther can make pearls work with *anything*!

Monday, April 09, 2007

I am a bad citizen

I have previously sung the praises of Sirius. I abhor Buffalo radio like many. I have only a few substitutes here in CT and most of them aren't even here. But on the list of adjustments, this one has been buffered by the blessed satellite radio. If only I could catch some Big Head Todd my preferred artist list would be complete.

The boys adore the station "KidStuff" and I can actually tolerate it. I can log in and listen at home to the CoffeeHouse and also indulge some guilty pleasures listening to Janet Jackson, Pearl Jam or Jim Croce. I really have passionate love for Sirius.

Every once in a blue moon, I get out of the house alone and can really indulge in the guiltiest of pleasures. I LOVE E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY!!!!

But the real confession is that I would rather listen to the R-rated comedy station than any music, Martha Stewart channel or scandalous doings of starlets. I laugh like a teenage boy at the f-word gratuitously bandied about and almost drove off the road thanks to Eddie Murphy's Raw. I apologize to southeastern CT for having my windows rolled down while listening to George Carlin's Seven Words you can't say on television. Do you know those words??? Oh my god!! I've heard of the skit, but never actually heard it.

I listened to it twice.

How is it that I can laugh so hysterically at words I don't think I've ever said?! I'm secretly a bad citizen, especially to any parent walking their children or elderly woman waiting for the bus, while George Carlin seered their ears. It's still better than Buffalo radio.