Whoa Mama

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not from Sesame Street

While driving to school, Noah announced that I was going to be quizzed on Greek gods & goddesses. After getting several right, including Dionysus (thank you very much), we had the following exchange:

Noah: Mommy, who is the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes.
Me: the god of the sea, hmmm
Noah: and earthquakes.
Me: what does it start with?
Noah: P
Me: Paul? Patrick? Pamela?
Noah: Mommy
Me: I give up.
Noah: Posey Dawn

It is Poseidon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting,Wishing, Hoping

Mr. Noah is still waiting for that pesky tooth to fall out. Every day is excruciating for poor Mr. Aidan. Noah wiggles it, does tricks with it and broadcasts its every change. Aidan seethes and grinds his firmly planted teeth.

It started with "I think it is loose. I moved my tooth when the rest of my head was still." I peeked in only to find the sign of future braces as evidenced by the big tooth growing in behind the baby tooth, a la shark teeth!

We are happily entertaining the process for Noah. Sammy has been telling him what to expect. Noah has been sharing the very satisfying movements with every one. Aidan and Noah were toe-to-toe, while Aidan had his finger in Noah's mouth and declared, "ooooo cool".

As I was leaving for work this morning, Noah called, "hey Mommy, wanna wiggle?"

Like there are two answers to that question!! Such a funny, fabulous way to start my day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watered Down

After 12 years, I have finally broken a Waterford crystal. Not that I was trying or hoping, but I was using these stunning goblets. I think that they shouldn't sit on the shelf waiting for a special occasion. Shattering on Christmas only means we'd be picking shards out of the spoils of the boys' stocking. Instead, we were sweeping shards from beneath my seat where I typed recipes for the school fundraiser. Plus, as they were a gift from John & Esther, I know they support healthy use and will certainly forgive the loss of one. Sad, nonetheless.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I just can't get behind

1. Cookie batter in scoopable tubs.

2. Mattress fundraisers

3. TVs in the grocery store

4. Churches advertising

5. the redundancy of anything pitched as "portable fruit"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

In an unusually warm week after Christmas, this is where we spent our vacation.

and have a night out...without crayons on the table.

In Mystic, or maybe Watch Hill, you can find this delightfully silly rack of slippers.

Back home, we rocked the skating rink with our cousins.

This is how we do winter in B-Lo. This young friend was taking shots on a little corner of freshly shoveled South Park Lake.

Monday, January 10, 2011

good things in small packages

So a big happy birthday to my big brother! He turned 40. Which means my delightful watershed year is a 16 months away. Since I've had children, I realize how sucky that must have been for my young mother. Mine were further apart but I did have one more. They were younger and we were right on top of each other. I think they did a really great job raising us despite challenges I cannot imagine at 20!

In any case I have said any number of times, "I could use a break". Short of a day on rewind without the sweet babies, I'm not sure what that even means. I wouldn't change a thing. The 3/4 time job, three kids' worth of homework, activities, and the overall life management just keep us all very busy. "Mommy, LOOK!", "Mommy, tuck me in", "Mommy, can we read stories", "Mommy, help me find a Lego piece". I try to remember that these are all quickly going to be replaced with something much less sweet and affectionate. Yet, there are still days that I think "I could use a break".

Yesterday, I realized that one form that takes is as delicious, healthy leftovers from my brother's fabulous party. Our families put out a crazy amount of amazing food, including two lasagnas, homemade gumbo from the Mississippi Mimi, hand rolled sushi, CHEEESE, and Alaskan crab legs that outweighed some of the smaller ones among us.

And when it was all over, we were sent packing with so much food that I am headed into Day Three of a dinner that I do not have to make. My best estimate is that I can stretch out into Day Four judging by the side of ham in my fridge.

So a big, side of ham-sized THANK YOU to Grandma Julia, who knows very well how a little help goes a loooong way! Thank you daily, loudly, sincerely to my own mom who delivers little help and big help routinely, including making sure that I didn't leave my bag of food behind. xoxo!

PS - according to one of the six year olds: Uncle John is the coolest because he tells the funniest jokes. Happy Birthday!!

PPS - wishing all the Moms & Dads a much needed break from time to time

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cuz it needz to be sed

We are devolving into sloppy spellers and poor punctuators. Or perhaps we are evolving as language and communication does. Regardless of which side of this particular communication debate you come down on (OR on which you come down), there is just no excuse for stupid.

Phonetic spelling should be reserved for Webster. Z's and S's are not interchangeable, nor are Y's and I's. If I have to say it out loud to make it make sense, I'm working way too hard at your logo or tag line. And emoticons are just a poor excuse for bad communication skills.

Is a toy more fun because of those jaunty K's in Kozy Koupe?

Despite annoying me every time I darkened the doorstep , I used to be a frequent customer at "Bagelzz" as if they anticipated patrons to still be sleeping when they arrived.

A perennial favorite is the bedding store called "800 Mattres", who reminded you to "leave off the last S for savings". It amused me to learn that the founder was Napoleon Barragan, which led to wonder if he intentionally phonetically spelled his last name "Bargain."

The one that fired me up most recently was the construction supply company "SaftiFirst", clearly a play on the mantra "Safety First". So alarming! If safety truly does come first, let's make that clear.