Whoa Mama

Thursday, March 29, 2012

take them when they come

My little darlings are pretty thoroughly brainwashed. My kids have been known to fight over who gets to vacuum. They have offered to help mop. They will happily empty the dishwasher. It isn't the allowance as there isn't always a reward. Sometimes there is just praise. Sam has been charged with walking the dog in the morning. It is hardly a walk; it is a functional turn around the yard. With the recent nice weather, this is hardly a chore. It is a huge help to me though, something that I make sure I tell Sam every time he does it.

Aidan is a sharp tack. He's noticed the praise. He wanted in. He has started to offer to walk the dog. In fact, he has asked permission to walk the dog. Oh sure!

He trotted out the other morning with the dog and was gone a bit longer than I thought he would be. I called out, "Aidan, what are you doing?" The sweetest, most carefree voice sang up "walking the dog".

He was in his own dreamy, happy world. I watched him pop around the yard. He balanced on the rocks. There was some serious studying to squirrels by both boy and dog. He carefully peered at the newly blooming trees, then called to me with pure glee, "MOMMMMMY LOOK!!!! All of these buds are new!! It's yellow everywhere!"

I'm melty. He was precious and innocent, pure and loving. (sigh) My baby is growing up but for this short time I'm reveling in these few moments.


moment over.