Whoa Mama

Friday, October 28, 2005

South Beach

Trying and trying to jiggle a little less, I've resorted to South Beach. Eggs, turkey, cheese, nuts, seafood - fine. I can hunker down, steel my resolve, especially when I'm just at home. I went to Wegmans for seltzer and dog food at 10pm the other night. I pranced happily past the candy bars, barely took note of the bulk M&Ms and breezed by the ice cream. Only to nearly broken at the checkout when the "groceries" of the man behind me came gliding up. That jerk was getting 2 gallons of ice cream which were obviously intended to compliment the mouthwatering perfection that was a conconction from the bakery topped with fresh strawberries and white chocolate curls.
Damn him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Envelope Please

Esther said to me not too long ago that there were days when she wanted to be recognized for doing all she did in a day. Some days that can be as challenging as getting everything you need for your errands in the car and have remembered to brush your teeth.

Scott it traveling. I got Sam to school this morning while the clock was still in the 7's, with Aidan and Noah, clean, dressed, WITH MATCHING SOCKS & SNEAKERS, everybody fed. I remembered his permission slip, the check and his car seat. Plus everybody is happy today and sporting pumpkin stickers.

The envelope please......

Friday, October 07, 2005

One week,
Two waves of stomach bug,
Three massive loads of icky laundry,
Four fabulous boys in their grossest states,
Five hours of sleep

One hair appointment,
Two hours at the gym,
Three glasses of wine,
Four healthy boys,
Five less pounds (hey a girl can dream!)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Where There's Smoke

I try to do everything
I really do
Some days I’m quite lucky
If I just make it through

Three beautiful boys
and their wonderful dad
Laundry, meals, cleaning,
playing and organizing the lads

Moms know we do it all and
Dads appreciate it too
Then comes the bad day
When it crashes in on you

Dust bunnies are high but
the veggies were all there
To make rataouille
It’s an easy recipe, I swear!

I was warming the oil
for loads of garlic to brown
Sammy was couch bound
He needed a movie to ward off the frown

I’d cleaned up puke twice
Knew my day was going to be rough
Kept the babies in the kitchen
Apart from Sam, they’d be less tough

Negotiating movies
Quickly sucked in I got
Dumbo, Pan or Nemo???
When a fire burst in the pot!

All’s well that ends well
And well we all are
Seeing flame in my kitchen
Will cause me permanent scar!

It was a manageable grease fire
Causing much fright to me
Scott blogging it to everyone
Well he can just bite me!

Back to normal we go
As normal as we get
Reading, playing, running
how to get it all in when there’s two diapers wet?!

PS - if you're wondering
It was a very useful pot
If your shopping for Xmas
I need a new one A LOT!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


While choosing his Disney sticker, Sammy was naming the choices. He finally landed on his 2 first preferences: Donald and Silly.

think about it.

got it yet?