Whoa Mama

Thursday, March 06, 2014

still combating the baby weight

In an effort to get rid of the last of that baby weight just in time for them to turn double digits, I'm really focusing on my food choices. Things have been going well, until yesterday when I went to a luncheon seminar. Read as: buffet from hell!

There were standard prescribed food choices which included iceberg lettuce in the sparsely vegetabled salad, an Olympic swimming pool of mashed potatoes and stuffed rubber chicken, all finished off with a flatbed of cookies. Did I mention the pasta salad, which was more like a dressing soup with noodles floating in it?

As I embarked on the journey down this nutritional pothole, I filled my plate with salad, aiming for the anemic cucumbers and pale tomatoes. With my plate 3/4 full, I was planning for some protein when I met a second stack of larger plates. Wait. What?? I had a plate already. I quickly realize that I was holding a salad plate. I held in my hands our nation's problem with our collective waistlines: a salad plate the size of a steering wheel.

"Forge on. Stay focused", I'm chanting to myself. The steamed carrots and green beans were a welcomed sight despite being odds on favored to have the same consistency as the noodles. Those got some real estate, leaving just enough space for what I learn is seafood stuffed sole. Huzzah!

There was no plate showing anymore, which means no room for those pieces peanut butter chocolate heaven. I loooove all things peanut butter and chocolate. I guess adults aren't as sensitive as children to peanut butter, which we all know cannot cross the precipice of any elementary school without certain anaphalaxis. But I digress.

Settling in at the table, I realized that I am the only one not having filled two steering wheels. I vow to eat slowly, put my fork down and drink water to avoid finishing first and going back for more, or worse, for cookies. I'm sure that the cookies would have been delish, but I'm not sure I would have felt delightful after I ate one. I only wanted one because they bookended the table. I did visit them to make sure that I didn't actually want one, and I resisted and used the trip to get coffee.

SUCCESS! I was satisfied without bad choices!!!! It was a win, since with the 2.5 hour drive on either end of the luncheon, I had no time to move with any meaning. On to a new day!