Whoa Mama

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bagel Jay's

So instead of making breakfast this morning, I tossed them in the car and went to Bagel Jay's. It is their favorite place. Some of the women know Sammy by name and occassionally slip him something large and sugary.

The boys were very very good. Likely because they were hungry, but whatever the cause, I'll take it!

We got settled into our table and Sammy started examining the enormous collage of pictures on the wall. He said, "I spy with my little eye something that started with an F that is between Pop Wilks and a girl." It should be said that I had had no coffee yet. My brain hurt. "What?????", I stammered. He pointed to the wall, to a picture of Bagel Jay himself, who does sport a bushy moustache like Pop Wilks, with about 10 of the people who work at the store. The woman standing next to him is Sammy's favorite of the favorite women, who he refers to as "My Friend". Get it?

A few minutes later, Sammy got blushy and goofy and whispered, "look what I see next to the striped woman."
"What do you see?" I asked.
"Look. It's growing into an adult".
"Are you talking about the girl in the pink?"
It was about an 11-year old girl who was clearly taller than him but shorter than her mom. I think he had a little crush.

Then, we got to be the people that *didn't* spill things. An older gentleman behind us dumped his coffee then in quick succession, his water too. Sammy was a little alarm. Aidan and Noah stared, but were easily distracted. I finally said to Sam, "do you want to get him some napkins? He thought about it for a few minutes and I thought he forgot. Without saying anything, he hopped off his chair and went to get napkins. He walked right up to the man and gave him the napkins.

And finally when they decided they were ready to leave, each boy took his plate with whatever bagel was left and paraded out the door.

I have a bad feeling they're going to wake up from nap with horns fully protruding!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The next big thing

Noah threw himself out of his crib today. That was after Aidan threw himself out of his crib two days ago. There aren't a whole lot of options. Yes, it is scary but true: the boys are transitioning, well transitioned in fact to big boy beds.

The boys picked their own sheets. We took apart the cribs and put their mattresses on the floor. There are 2 of them. This complicates matters significantly. We hadn't been out of the room 5 minutes, I heard, "A-A, GET UP". (A-A = Aidan)

We are now listening to the door jiggle, the boys babble and clearly trot around their room. So here we sit, waiting and hoping... that we are doing the right thing, that they will respond well, that this ends quickly, that we will someday sleep several whole quiet nights in a row.

Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Noah's Peeing

What more is there to say....oh yeah....ON THE POTTY!!!!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Two Cents!!!!

I just bought three pairs of shoes for the boys and shelled out 1-2 pennies!!!!

I had a credit for $31.41. The sneakers were $10.00 each. With tax, it came to $31.43. I spent a total of TWO PENNIES!!!!

I'm the best!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

just how things work

When I was pregnant with Sam, I thought he was a girl. I had dreams he was a girl. I dreamt an actual date of birth (April 28). But alas, no girl here!!!!! I am publicly confessing, I was a wee tiny itty bitty bit disappointed. Now I know we all say, "I don't care what it is as long as he or she is healthy." That wasn't 100% true. I wanted a girl. I was certain that I was destined to be a girl mommy.

By the way, the other part of that statement, the bit about being healthy, I didn't know how much I meant that until it was in question. Sammy had an enlarged bladder resulting in a terrible series of tests, plus antibiotics everyday until our pediatric urologist, with the personality of a coat hanger,
gave him the all-clear at 6 months. And he could have been a hermaphrodite by that point as long as he was healthy!!!

And after welcoming the births of Julia, Ella & Tess, Finn and Maeve, I come to see that Sammy and for that matter, Aidan and Noah (no matter how wild they might be now) are in place to be the protectors, the first crushes, the screeners of boyfriends, the defense instructors (Gina can pack a
whallop....just ask John who taught her to do it!), the big brothers they don't have. Today it occured to me that that was the only thing that I couldn't wrap my head around when thinking I was having a girl, was that she wouldn't have a big brother. I am shaped by the safe, humbling, loving, fun experience of having a big brother who was my first friend, who never let me down, who always kept an eye on me (even if from a distance), who was a confidante, an antagonist, a rival, an opposite, a guiding force (even if I was blazing my own trail), a light in my world.

So girls (though it won't be full time for some of you)...


Monday, July 10, 2006

a new love

this is a card that Sammy chose at Target many months ago, for no one, just because he liked the picture. He brought it out this morning and said, "can we bring this downstairs?" I asked, "for Maeve?" He shyly nodded. This is what he wrote: "love Sam and Maeve". then "Maeve" again at the bottom.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Loving the babies

Lots of love to Suz & Mark and Sophie who are anxiously awaiting baby #2 - their first boy, any day now!!

Big congratulations and love to Mikey & Lisa who welcomed Baby Maeve on Saturday! Can't wait to meet her. Am a little afraid I will spontaneously conceive. ;-)

I told Sammy the other night that when he woke up in the morning that I'd show him pictures of Baby Maeve. He smiled and sleepily patted his wall and said, "we can put a picture [of her] up here."

Well Miss Maeve, I think you've got yourself an adopted big brother!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Would you?

I've seen enough tv to know that Valtrex is a medication for herpes.

No matter how much I had to carry, I'd never be the dude I saw on the beach carrying a blazing yellow bag with "VALTREX" splashed across it!